Each year we work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our Cultivate festivals—making decisions that are focused on furthering our vision of cultivating a better world. Otherwise, what would be the point of it all?

Our composting and recycling effort is extensive. Not only are our materials recycled, recyclable or compostable, we also assist the vendors we invite to the festival in finding materials that fit within this framework. As well, we recruit a legion of volunteers for each event that help educate festivalgoers on what to throw away in which trash receptacle. This helps to ensure everything goes into the correct waste stream, and also alleviates the anxiety of the moment when someone just wants to throw something away and doesn’t want to make the faux pas of putting it in the wrong container. (If you’d like to volunteer, please email by Friday, August 8th for Minneapolis and Friday, October 3rd for Dallas. Each volunteer will score a Cultivate t-shirt, a FREE lunch ticket for use during the festival, and a card for dinner for 10 good at any Chipotle—worth $100. Sweet! The hours are 10:30am ‐ 6:00pm, and you must be 18 or older.)

Additionally, we encourage the use of public transportation options on our website and provide bike corrals for the many attendees who choose to pedal to the festival. This year we’ll have water refill stations providing free water to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles, and will have Chipotle-branded re-useable bottles available for purchase. In our Tasting Hall we’ll be highlighting 100% keg wine for it’s sustainable benefits, as well as boxed wine from our Bar Stations to reduce glass waste.